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7 years, 15 countries, 70 hackathons


Extensive knowledge pool 

2 Acquisitions

Vitalfields & MSQRD

What we do

Elevate is built around entrepreneurial energy enabling teams to achieve more, dream big and perform at their best. We help you unleash the entrepreneurial potential of your organisation. 

What we offer:
1. Inspiration and idea generation sessions to shake up your views on how businesses can be developed

2. Innovation and co-creation workshops to get from ideas to prototypes. Fast.

3. Tech teams who can turn the prototypes into real solutions. In a blink of an eye.

What you get

On top of saving valuable time and effort, you will get:
A ton of new  ideas
Validated business concept and prototype
shelf-to-market time
Lean Startup skills
New mindset and empowered teams
Lower costs, higher profits

Why Elevate?

We’ve spread the entrepreneurial gene and helped build visionary services for very different companies. From telecommunications to logistics, food and energy. We believe in getting out of analysis paralysis, fast and getting things done. Also fast.

Now we bring that knowledge to your company.

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Who we are

We are not consultants.

We are a family of entrepreneurs who have founded several internationally successful start-ups. Which means we know how to build successful services that customers love from scratch. And we are able to bring that knowledge and the entrepreneurial power to established companies.

The team

Joao Rei
Business Developer at Elevate
Liis Narusk
co-founder and ceo of Elevate
+372 56 503
Niko Porkka
Strategist at ELEVATE
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Liis Narusk
Co-Founder & CEO
+372 56 503
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